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This is a military power of attorney prepared and executed pursuant to Title 10, United States Code, Section 1044b by a person authorized to receive legal assistance from the military services. Federal
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is not a substitute for an existing power of attorney, a power with an expiration date, or a power that is not otherwise described by federal law. If an appointment is necessary to permit a person to engage in certain activities, the individual shall present the military power of attorney during the appointment. Before a military power of attorney is issued, the person must give or mail to the appropriate military legal assistance office a written request to obtain the services of the military lawyer. The request must be in the following form: (Please include a copy of the military power of attorney with your request.) "DEAR CUSTODIAL ADMINISTRATION, THIS IS TO OBTAIN THE SERVICES OF A LAND-BASED MILITARY LAWYER FOR SELF-INITIALIZATION OF SELF-INFLICTED DEATH. PLEASE SEND GRANT LETTER OF APPROVAL WITH REFERRAL REQUIRED TO: Criminal Section, Air Force Office of Special Investigations ATTN: NAF-CMD-J-CSAF-J-4-10-12 DESTINATION: SOUTH PACIFIC P.O.BOX 3875 MARYLAND2119 Please note that this form is not to be used by anyone other than the military legal assistance office involved. No person shall use this form to attempt to obtain services from another person. The military legal assistance office will not accept a form letter that claims a service-connected disability in connection with seeking self-initiated self-destructive acts. If a person's application is denied by an Air Force personnel office or the military lawyer, then the request for service-connected disability must be presented in writing as a written request to the personnel office or Air Force Legal Assistance Office. If a person is deceased, or if there is reason to believe that a person is deceased, the person's next of kin must be notified. In all cases, the person requesting assistance must keep a copy of the military power of attorney on file at the legal assistance office and at an address designated by the legal assistance office. (Note: The Air Force uses the phrase "military power of attorney" to refer to the documents referred to below, including the form) The military power of attorney must contain the following information: The name, address, date of birth, place of birth, telephone number, and legal guardian or authorized representative. The military power of attorney must

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Hey guys thanks for watching today I'm going to be doing a video on POA and what it means to you as a military spouse what a POA is a power of attorney and what that means is you as the military wife or husband will be able to act on your arm spouses behalf if he or she is deployed TTYL or for whatever reason they are not there to handle something that needs to be handled by them, you have an appealing will allow you to do that and um I first read about a POA when my husband decided to join the military and as I was browsing the internet you know reason about the military to try to find out things this was one of the things that came up POA and after reading about it, I decided that that is definitely something that I wanted and um I brought up to my husband he was okay with it and that was that, so I've also read and heard since I've been on a military wife now for a while that some spouses the military member is not okay with their wife or husband having a POA because they just feel like you know that's just giving them just basically giving them the right to just do whatever they want, and they don't want someone to just be able to handle the finances, or you know just handle or do anything if they're not there which at the end of the day it is going to have to be something that you sit down and discuss because the only way you can get a POA is if the military remember your wife or husband is with you, so it is something that will have to be discussed um, but I feel like it is so important because if your husband or wife gets deployed or TTYL and he or she is not there to sign something or handles something you can't just pick up the phone and just be like okay so-and-so what I need you to come home to sign this or handle this it's not going to be that easy because he's gone, so it's basically going to be impossible if he's fifty thousand miles away, and you're just going to be you know out of look, so it is something to definitely bring up to your spouse, and it's something to definitely consider, and I'm so glad that you know we did ours, and it's for example when we got to our duty station on our household post was not ready for like three weeks, so my husband had already started working and when I talked to the housing office the first thing that you know the lady that I spoke with said it was you're going to have a POA in order to sign on his behalf but because I already had it you know it wasn't any you know um alarm I don't know I don't have it already had it, so I was good, but that's just one example you don't know what's going to happen while he's deployed for nine months or a year or whatever so it is so important because I would have been out of luck because my husband you know he had to work, and you know he wasn't able to get off to sign so that POH ain't good and um another thing when you do get a POA it is a general POA and that's fine it is just kind of broad so what I chose to do was give specific POS and what that means is...


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